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    Egipskie kolory
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    Egipt zaprasza
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Welcome to the diving base CTP Nautica

Welcome to our diving base located in Sharm El Sheikh's neighbourhood of Hadaba, at the Sun Set hotel. The nearest to us - because distant only about four-hour flight, and one of the most interesting in the world, the Coral Reef of the Red Sea offers magnificent underwater landscapes, depth, the richness of life and sense of freedom.



baza_sharm1After years of experience in running diving centres in Poland and Croatia, we can offer high quality services, professional staff of instructors and a warm, friendly atmosphere which has become the flagship of our company. An additional asset is a fully Polish speaking service of the base (administration, instructors, guides).



At our clients' disposal we offer our own shuttle Toyota HS from 2008, with 14 seats, as well as Isuzu pick-up from 2007. We provide daily transfers from hotels to the diving base and we use convenient, fast diving boats with a sundeck space and the possibility of having lunch between dives.



In separate rooms there are: a lecture hall, an office, relaxing area where you can drink coffee or tea, compressor room (on Rowset) and equipment store. We provide full equipment back-up, including 60 regulators, 60 BCD, 70 diving wetsuits, 50 snorkelling sets, as well as: 200 items of 12-litre aluminium diving cylinders, 10 items of 8-litre cylinders and 6 items of 15-litre cylinders. During the practical training for elementary course, we use the swimming pool which is located at the base.


 Contact in Egypt: Nautica Sharm Sun Set Hotel, Hadaba Sharm el Sheikh, phone number: (0020) 122 488 82 98, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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