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Advanced courses – continuation of training

Any diving person, holding a certificate that states one's level of training, may always continue the course. Continuous improvement of diving techniques as well as pursuing interests for the underwater world accompanies us constantly in our diving adventure.

Training systems give you an opportunity to upgrade your diving skills and to focus your underwater activity on these aspects of diving that are the most significant to you. The next diving levels will enable you to dive deeper, whereas a number of specialties shall ensure knowledge on diving in special circumstances. Perhaps you wish to learn underwater photography, maybe you would particularly like to dive amongst beautiful old wrecks, or you might be interested in diving in a dry suit or perhaps you are fascinated by diving under the ice.

Certificates of PADI and CMAS diving federations that we grant are recognized throughout the world and considered to be valid by both federations.

You can thus, begin with diving in OWD course, continuing in CMAS system, or start with P1, pursuing a diving career in PADI. Divers who hold qualifications of SSI, BSAC, NAUI federations or others, may change the training systems as well. The possibility of changing the training system involves, of course, also levels higher than elementary. The same applies to diving specialties: divers who hold PADI certificates can be trained by CMAS instructors, whereas divers from CMAS may be instructed and informed by PADI instructors.

Continuation of training in CMAS

Having completed the elementary training course of P-1, you can raise your qualifications on the following courses:
P-2 certificate (CMAS**) course
P-3 certificate (CMAS***) course

Continuation of training in PADI

After completing the OWD training course, you can raise your qualifications on the following courses:
Advanced Open Water Diver
Emergency First Response
Rescue Diver

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