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Sharm el Sheikh stretches along the coastline over a distance of approximately 40 km. Within the city, we can distinguish several neighbourhoods: Old Market, Hadaba, Naama Bay, Shark’s Bay and Nabq. In the area of Old Market the main harbour is located, as well as a typical Arab marketplace, along with several restaurants. Hadaba district features the only Delphinarium in town, Aqua Park, a shopping and dining centre „Il Mercato” (with Mc Donald’s and Starbucks), as well as the entertaining complex ”Tale of the Thousand and One Night”). Apart from Old Market, this is the oldest part of the city, where you may find relatively small hotels, many of them with so-called ”atmosphere”. The district of Naama Bay, situated in the heart of town is famous for its wide range of nightlife. Here you can find numerous discos and nightclubs, including: Pascha, Budda Bar and, Hard Rock Cafe. In addition, the neighbourhood offers many shops, a promenade, a casino and a go-kart track. Shark’s Bay district, located near the airport, features the second, less congested harbour in town. You can visit a shopping and entertainment centre Soho here. Nabq is the farthest and newest neighbourhood of Sharm. In this area the latest hotels are placed. The huge complexes represent more modern, different style than those in the remaining districts of town. Moreover, Nabq offers its visitors the retail and entertaining centre, called La Strada.


Moving around the city, a tourist has a choice of either a taxi, or local blue buses transporting local residents. Before getting on a taxi, do fix the destination and negotiate the price! The approximate taxi cost within one neighbourhood should not exceed 10 le. Rates between the districts are, as follows: Hadaba - Old Market - 10le, Hadaba - Naama Bay - 25-30 le Hadaba - Shark's Bay - 50 le, Hadaba - Nabq - 50-60le. As regards blue buses, you simply need to get on, without any price negotiations. You need to specify your destination, and upon reaching this point you shall pay between 5 and 10 le, depending on the distance. Just act the same as local residents do: pay before you get off the bus, with no need of negotiating the price.


What may surprise a tourist is a fact that products in shops and pharmacies located at hotels do not have fixe prices. When you decide to shop there, you may save time, but will also overpay. It is for the shop assistant to set the price, thus overstating it significantly. We therefore recommend doing shopping in the chain stores and pharmacies which are intended for the residents of the city. The shops offering fixed prices include: Metro and 24/7 in Hadaba district, as well as Nabq and Carrefour in Naama Bay neighbourhood. A pharmacy with fixed prices is El Zaaby in Il Perkato district. The same pricing rule applies to gift shops, with their largest accumulation in the Old Market. A seller sets a price himself, so the amount indicated by him should be divided by two and only half of the initial amount should be paid. Souvenir shopping will be generally cheaper in the Old Market than in Naama Bay where prices are exorbitant due to high rents.


The most common ailment that tourists suffer from is called Pharaoh's Revenge. It is particularly severe in summer months, owing to high temperatures. When stomach disorder affects you, we suggest taking local medications, such as ANTINAL, which costs approximately 10 le. The town is teeming with pharmacies and literally each hotel is adjacent to one of them. However, you need to remember that prices in such pharmacies will be considerably overstated. The second sickness that tourists tend to suffer from is seasickness. In such case, we recommend a local medicine – DRAMANEX, which will cost you around 10le. Using the services of a hotel doctor will expose you to seriously high costs, counted in Euros!!!


In Sharm only two seasons occur: summer and winter, with temperature difference between them reaching 20 degrees Celsius. Summer extends from May to October, winter from November to April. The lowest temperatures are recorded in December, with day maximum of approximately 20 and night lows of 14 degrees Centigrade. In these months it is essential to bring warm clothes, as after sunset it gets cold. The highest temperatures are noted in June, July and August. The latter is regarded as the hottest month, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in the shade. At night it cools down slightly just to 35 degrees Celsius. The most pleasant months to visit are April, May and October, when it is neither too hot nor too cold. The water temperature ranges from 23 degrees Centigrade in winter months to 28 in summer. There is practically no rainfall, with merely 2-3 days of rain showers recorded annually. In the winter months, however, cloudy days may occur several days a week and strong winds may blow.




Hotels offer only European cuisine, adapted to the tastes of tourists. Therefore, if you wish to try some local specialities, you need to eat out. Egyptian dining is available in El Masrin restaurants – located in the Old Market and in Nabq. Seafood dishes, in turn, are offered in Fares restaurants– in Hadaba and the Old Market, as well as in Sea Star restaurant in the Old Market. Dinner will cost you approximately 70 le per person. The Restaurants of Sharm do not serve alcohol. Consuming typically Egyptian meals bought in small bars for local residents is not recommended. Tasty though they are, such dishes may cause stomach disorders owing to a different bacterial flora (not connected with wrong preparation)


Hotels offer the alcohol of low quality, heavily diluted with water. Local alcohol is also available in Egyptian shops, however its quality leaves much to be desired. Such off-licence, called Drinkis, is situated in Hadaba district. In the Old Market neighbourhood, a Duty Free Shop is located, where, within 48h upon your arrival you can purchase some imported alcohol, showing your passport.


What will immediately strike your eyes at Sharm, is local men touting the tourists, especially female travellers. Most commonly, their aim is to strike a deal (selling some products, offering a taxi) as well as making acquaintance. If you want to avoid it, try not to make eye contact, do not respond to any provocations and ignore taunts. Moreover, female tourists should dress conservatively while going out, so as to respect local customs and Egyptian culture. Wearing long skirts or trousers, covering shoulders and behaving modestly is strongly suggested. Otherwise, you may be exposed to the taunts.

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