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    Wraki Morza Czerwonego
    Na granicy wody i powietrza - zobacz wraki Morza Czerwonego
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    Egipt zaprasza
    W Egipcie czekają na Ciebie luksusowe łodzie nurkowe - na pokładzie wszystko i mnóstwo wrażeń !
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    Egipskie kolory
    Nurkowy raj ! barwy Morza Czerwonego w zasięgu ręki !
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    Egipt zaprasza !
    Łodzie nurkowe czekają - zapraszamy do Egiptu

Diving tourism

This program is the quintessence of our offer. After all, we are learning to dive just in order to explore the underwater world and to discover new diving sites. Pure relaxation! At the same time, any tourist diving enriches the practice and experience of a diver, especially, if you can take advantage of knowledge and skills or instructors and guides who lead the training course. They will advise you how to configure your equipment optimally, how to behave in a dive team. Moreover, they will remind you about buoyancy control and will show you the wildlife hidden at the bottom of the sea – in a word: they will help and enhance your scuba adventure. This will be particularly important for those divers, who have not gained any serious experience yet, diving only during their holidays. The care of our staff will allow them to begin the new season in a stress-free atmosphere.

Admission requirements

The tourist instructional dives are open to all persons aged over 12, holding diving qualifications of one of internationally recognized training federations. The licence as well as a logbook (the list of dives carried out) should be submitted in a base before starting the scuba program. The level of your qualifications, the number of dives performed and date of your last scuba experience will provide crucial information to your guide before you commence your dive. Prior to beginning of diving, you are supposed to sign the documents of Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding. as well as Organizer's Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement Form. The persons diving within the framework of underwater tourism should additionally undergo pre-dive medical examinations and submit these documents (Medical Statement and History) to the diving base. The list of dive doctors can be found at:

The package of tourist dives

Upon arrival in Egypt and hotel check-in, you are requested to contact the administrator of our base, so as to arrange the plan of the first diving day. You do not need to do this once you have received from Nautica Office clear and unequivocal guidelines concerning organization of the first diving day. The Standard tourist diving day at Sharm el Sheikh begins with transfer from the hotel to the base. The meeting point shall be in front of your hotel between 7:30 and 8:00. Upon arrival, you should make sure if you have complete diving gear on a boat. In the course of one diving day, two sessions of scuba diving are organized. You can also purchase lunch on a boat, which is served during the break between diving series. A trip back to the port is usually scheduled at 15:00-16:00. Having returned the equipment, you will establish scuba plans for the following day with your diving guide. Afterwards, you shall be transported to your hotel. A standard package of tourist dives comprises 10 sessions of scuba, which is 5 diving days. The full six day in the course of a weekly stay may be used for a trip or relaxation on a beach. The price of a tourist diving package includes, as a standard, a cylinder (12 l) and a weight belt. If you do not possess any remaining pieces of equipment, you may rent them for an extra charge.

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